Sacred Feminine Kabbalah
Where ancient mystical wisdom and contemporary conscious evolution embrace in the shelter of the Sacred Feminine. Are you ready?

Are you ready?


Through her words, written and spoken, and the imagery she creates in her kaleidoscopic mandalas and illustrations of sacred geometry, South African born Heather Mendel, mystic, artist, writer and teacher is drawn to the call of the mystical. Her approach to a contemporary and conscious kabbalah, invites entry into the mystery. Heather reveres the intuitive place where myth and metaphor reside. Are you willing to delve beneath the surface and the superficial in our lives? Nothing is as it first appears in the revealed dimension of life. We are deeply interconnected — to life, to one another, to the natural world, and to the Divinity. Are you ready?

  • Our lives are an evolving tapestry of the way we believe the worlds, revealed and concealed, weave together. Are you ready to welcome the intuitive into your life? At this moment of conscious evolution in the human family, are you ready?
  • To the gentle pulsing rhythm of the cosmos, The Sacred or Divine Feminine is rising from the depths as women throughout the world are beginning to feel her resonance. The Sacred Masculine is stirring in response, as the dance of synthesis in celebration of our diversity begins on the next evolutionary spiral of consciousness. Are you ready?
  • Humanity is in the midst of a spiritual evolution of consciousness, awakening to the myriad possibilities and potentials of enlightenment and transformation in a quantum age. Mystical traditions such as kabbalah guide the way. Are you ready?
  • Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. Synchronicities abound around us as we undertake the mythic hero’s journey. Serendipity reinvests enchantment in our lives. Intuition is rising as a beacon to truth to wisdom. Are you ready?

Contact Heather to offer a presentation or lead a seminar/workshop/retreat on welcoming the intuitive into everyday day awareness; on contemporary kabbalah; on awakening to the Sacred Feminine within; on joining the community conscious creatives at this evolutionary moment in human history.


The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle
Learn the language of Lenormand and sharpen your intuitive skills

Lenormand is here. . . What is Lenormand? The next big thing in ‘reading your cards.’ This deck of 36 images allows the reader to reveal the concealed in the synchronous patterning of possibility. Learning to easily and intuitively read ‘sentences’ of 3, 5 or more cards drawn from this beautiful oracular deck brightens our days and imparts a snapshot panorama of our interconnected field of reality. Available now from this website and on amazon.


The Syzygy Oracle:
Transformative Tarot and
the Tree of Life

Ego, essence and the evolution of consciousness

Published by Dodona Books, The Syzygy Oracle is now available from this website as well as and all book retailers.

The accompanying 32 full color deck of cards and mini manual is also available from this website as well as from Order now.

We invite you to view our video about The Syzygy Oracle, its making, message and magic

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The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle is here!
Ever wished you had an insight into what was happening around you? Learning the language of Lenormand deepens your intuitive ability as a preparation for life’s changes . . .

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